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Bloomington PRIDE Branding

Bloomington PRIDE Branding

Bloomington PRIDE Branding

The goals of the Bloomington PRIDE rebrand was to create a logo identity that was immediately recognizable, bold, and minimalist, while still retaining the message and personality of Pride.

The main feature of Bloomington PRIDE’s logo is the multi-colored triangle symbol. This symbol may be used on its own for marketing pieces, social media, websites, and promotional products like apparel or buttons.

The triangle symbol, which historically had a negative connotation, has been reclaimed by the LGBTQA community and is now widely used and accepted as a symbol of pride. The use of rainbow colors along with the triangle represent LGBTQA pride, unity, solidarity, and diversity within the community.

Along with the logo design, I also developed the brand guidelines for PRIDE, as seen in the brand book below.